Relieving Anxiety Naturally

When we become anxious beyond the point of normal worry that goes away, a doctor will many times prescribe medication to help ease the tension. The anxiety might have stemmed from a death of a close loved one, a stressful marital situation, or general inability to cope with an ongoing problem in the workplace. Many people are very leery of prescription medication, mainly due to the side effects that can come with the territory. Consequently, there is a very keen interest in looking into natural remedies for these types of conditions.

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It should be noted that a prescribed medicine, or natural treatments for anxiety will both, only provide an immediate, temporary relief from the situation. A solution for removing the reason for the anxiety should still be pursued while taking the medication or herb, so the cause is removed from the environment.

It is also important to note that substances such as anti anxiety herbs should be taken under the supervision of a naturopath or a herbal expert who can help to guide you as far as dosages. Just because it is a natural substance does not mean that it won’t be dangerous. If a prescribed medication works on the levels of dopamine in the brain, and a natural herb does too, then precautions should be taken as far as dosage, for example.

Anti anxiety herbs are an excellent choice for the treatment of anxiety disorders because they are easier to obtain, they usually cost less, and have less side effects. They can be moderated as you need them and they have no withdrawal symptoms, which can be a huge issue with prescribed drugs. For example, one such prescribed drug has been shown to have suicidal and homicidal tendencies upon sudden withdrawal of the drug.

There are no personality changes when you use herbal supplements. This is a big plus, as some prescribed medications to tend to alter one’s personality. They also don’t cause severe fatigue by overwhelming your mind with useless minutia.

One herb that is effective in lowering anxiety levels is Kava. Kava can be purchased in the form of a tea, or in a pill form that should be consumed with a meal because it is fat-soluble which means it should be taken with some other form of fat agent, like butter.

Valerian root is not really an anti-anxiety agent, but it is most effective as a sleep and relaxation supplement. However, the relaxation part is what many people are looking for to quiet their minds and relax to get away from the stress and anxiety.

Passionflower is another anti-anxiety supplement, but it is very mild. It is usually called “Kava-Lite” as it is mostly used for milder cases of anxiety.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that comes from Green Tea, and has an anti-anxiety effect on people, as “helpful as prescription drugs,” says one user. It is not addictive or habit forming and is easy on the stomach.

If you feel you have uncontrollable anxiety and a doctor prescribes medication, there is nothing wrong with seeking advice to an alternate, safer mode of alleviating the anxiety with anti-anxiety herbs.